Hair Tips: How to choose a Shampoo

Shampoo: definition
Shampoo = Any liquid / cream preparations of soap used to wash the scalp and hair.

When you choose a shampoo, you have to remember:
shampoo keeps your hair clean, healthy and strong.
Choose carefully!

How to choose a Shampoo: TIPS

1. What is your hair type? (oily/normal/dry).
2. If you have normal hair, it's easier. Choose a shampoo made specifically for your type to keep your hair healthy.
3. If you have curly hair, choose a moisturizing shampoo.
4. Are you looking for a protein-based shampoo? Read carefully the label and identify the protein you are looking for.
5. For dyed, bleached or highlighted hair use daily a conditioner and a color-safe shampoo.
6. Egg shampoo. From time to time use egg shampoo to add protein to your hair. It is also very gentle and does not remove the natural oil.

Shampoo Tips from Healthy Hair Tips Visitors

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Self Oil Helps
Reviewer: The Shampoo Director , 2012-06-18

Do NOT wash it everyday. Every other day is fine. In the Summer, or any day you know you won't be seeign much people, don't wash your hair until it gets oily. That oil helps and moistures your hair. I know it gets gross, that's why I said to do it over the Summer.

shampoo tip
Reviewer: Anonymous , 2012-02-22

mix your shampoo with little water & then apply on hair. Don't use shampoo directly on hair.

Reviewer: Long haired! , 2012-02-03

Once a week deep condition your hair with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or any kind of oil. Once a week divide you hair to two and start looking for split ends , and cut them off with scissors .

love my thick hair
Reviewer: jackietorres , 2011-08-23

just take good care for your hair expecally if you have thick hair.

During wash
Reviewer: Anonymous , 2011-08-17

never apply shampoo directly while washing your hair instead mix ir in little amount of water.

For dry hair, unmanageable hair
Reviewer: Anonymous , 2011-07-22

Shampoo normally, & then apply conditioner and live it for 5 minutes to soak it in, & let it dry naturally, it works! -You can also put a live-in conditioner while is still wet

Reviewer: Matilda , 2011-06-11

At last! Someone who uendrsntads! Thanks for posting!

Soft Shiny hair
Reviewer: Anonymous , 2009-11-15

your last rinse should be cool water. this will close the pores in your hair to lock in moisture for soft shiny hair.

keeping hair healthy
Reviewer: Anonymous , 2009-03-09

washing your hair everyday can dry it out so instead use conditioner every other day it still cleans your hair but doesn't strip it of it's natural oils--- greasy hair?? use a cheap conditioner such as Sauve it still does the trick but it doesn't leave alot of moisture to make your hair look greasy

Reviewer: Anonymous , 2008-10-03

wash your hair with face wash, it works!

Shampoo tip for dry hair
Reviewer: Nance , 2007-06-25

For course, dry hair, bath your hair in hair oil with satin cap over night then shampoo and let dry naturally.

washing your hair
Reviewer: Somebody , 2007-04-15

When you wash your hair wash it in sections so that everything is clean. Also let your hair dry naturally.

Shmapoo tip
Reviewer: Maya , 2006-07-26

if you wash your hair everyday the hair get use with that kind of shampoo and is better to change it Maya

milk and honey shampoo for light hair
Reviewer: Angela , 2006-07-22

Do you want to obtain a lighter shadow for your hair? If yes, easiest way is to color your hair, but this isn't best option when thinking on a healthy hair. So what I am doing? Easy: use your own shampoo, home-made: with just 1 spoon of honey and 1 cup of milk. For best results, when cleansing the hair, use chamomile tea. It works, just you must be patient. Results in 6-8 weeks.

Reviewer: Anonymous , 2006-07-18

if you have greasy hair wash it in baking soda. it makes your hair silky and soft instead of tough and greasy's

before washing
Reviewer: Anonymous , 2006-07-18

When washing it, your hairs become very sensible, because their surface opens. For this, before washing, massage your dry hair with 1/2 spoon of hair treatment

Reviewer: miss E , 2006-07-18

and a great Rinse your hair thoroughly, and if you can, use cold water, even if it is unpleasant at the begining. Cold water seals the pores, giving your hair more stability shine

Reviewer: Anonymous , 2006-07-18

The shampoo must clean soothingly. If you have greasy hair, slowly massage your head skin, or you stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce sebum

Reviewer: From: D.P. , 2006-07-18

Wash your hair as often as you can. If you can, wash it everyday, so you will always have a neat look of your hair

washing tip
Reviewer: Anonymous , 2006-07-18

Before washing, i brush my hair, than i damp it with lukewarm water. I apply the shampoo, slowly masaging the head skin. Also, if your hair is stuffed hair-styling products, do not brush it before washing, beacuse you can loose a lot or hair. My hairdresser adviced me so; she is great!

Egg shampoo
Reviewer: Timer34 , SK , 2006-07-18

take care when using it. Use cold watter only or else your head will look like a big boiled egg...

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